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For our Turkish Friends

4 giugno 2013

Yesterday evening I posted here on my blog a summary of the news/ pictures/ videos from the Turkish weekend. I thought it was important to fix them on a sort of more static and shareable support than Facebook.

I think it is important to fix some memories today as well, in the absence of decent reports from the so-called official media.

Let’s go. Let’s see what are the news from today.

“Beyazit Ilhan from Turkish Medical Association announced more than 3500 injured on Halk Tv.”

“Taksim Platform, representatives of the protests, will be meeting Bulent Arinc (President of the Assembly, Acting PM) tomorrow. There’s even a probability of President Abdullah Gül meeting with the representatives.”

“Izmir Police Headquarters announced that the group of people who attacked protestors with sticks was undercover cops. Weird statement: no information on why they did it or if they will be punished for it.”

“Bulent Arinc (President of the Assembly, Acting PM): “The press outside Turkey making non-objective broadcasts. They’re not sensible like the Turkish Media. Same things happen in UK, Spain, Italy, Greece. Our government and state is strong, We won’t be deterred by the street. We’ll take care of it.””

“Bulent Arinc: “Social media pumps lies in its irresponsible world.” Twice he skipped answering the question about the ID numbers on helmets being covered. We have solid proof, all the news agencies have footages of minutes of it.”

“Ankara streets on fire. Police have unique ID numbers on their helmets, but they’ve painted it!”

“Bulent Arinc: “The police is using only their shields. If it’s not enough, they use water cannons. As long as their life is not under threat, they don’t use tear gas. They are taking action exactly according to our commands.””

Source: “Occupy Gezi” on Facebook.